An Introduction to Taichung City - Tourism

 Taichung is renowned as one of the most popular travel destinations in Taiwan, offering a wealth of cultural experiences, enjoyable delicacies, and captivating sightseeing spots.
  1. Miya-hara Eye Clinic:
    This ice cream shop, renovated from a century-old building, was once the largest eye clinic built by Dr. Miyahara Takekuma in 1927, located near the Taichung Train Station. Today, it has been transformed into one of the most sought-after sightseeing spots in Taichung. In addition to a wide variety of delicious ice creams, the store also features an array of specialized souvenirs, making it a must-stop for anyone visiting Taichung.
  2. Yizhong Street Night Market:
    Situated close to the Yizhong branch of TOWA Mandarin Center, this bustling night market is one of the most famous in Taichung. It offers visitors a wide variety of Taiwanese delicacies, such as stinky tofu, rice noodle soup, Lu Rou Fan (braised pork rice), Xiao Long Bao (soup dumpling), and boba tea. Furthermore, the market also has many clothing and accessory shops, giving visitors a great chance to shop while enjoying delicious Taiwanese food.
  3. Shen Ji New Village:
    This well-liked destination is situated within a 10-minute walk from the Gongyi branch of TOWA Mandarin Center. It was transformed from an old government dormitory and now features a cultural and creative market, a variety of food and desserts, and it's especially popular among young visitors who love to take photos to share on their social media platforms.
  4. National Taichung Theater:
    National Taichung Theater, designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito, is the building that is the most difficult one to construct in the world. Inspired by "tree houses" and "caves," the theater's contour and undulating curved walls have earned it the title of the ninth new landmark in the world. It is a fantastic sightseeing spot, perfect for taking memorable photos.
  5. Tunghai University:
    The Luce Chapel is the main landmark of Tunghai University, attracting many visitors who love to take pictures here. Moreover, you can find the "Tunghai Dairy" on campus, offering a variety of dairy products produced by the Tunghai farm, such as milk, yogurt, puffs, and ice cream. All of these products are made with natural ingredients and are definitely worth a try.
  6. Rainbow Village:
    Also known as "Rainbow Art Park," it is a collection of old houses that were once planned for demolition. However, a veteran soldier painted them with colorful and childlike artworks, prompting a student-led movement to preserve the village. In response, the government designated the area as parkland, saving it from destruction. Today, Rainbow Village stands as one of Taichung's most popular destinations, drawing visitors from both near and far.
  7. Gaomei Wetland:
    Qingshui district, located on the coastline of Taichung, boasts a rich ecological environment due to years of sediment accumulation. Visitors can explore the area on the "Crab-sighting boardwalk" and observe various ecological features, such as fiddler crabs and various fish species. During the fall season, the wetland becomes a destination for bird migration, attracting enthusiastic birdwatchers. The highlight is the stunning sunset scenery at Gaomei Wetland, drawing a large number of visitors who love to capture the picturesque views in the evening.

 In addition to the mentioned sightseeing spots, there are plenty of delightful food and cultural destinations awaiting your visit!


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