Principles of Teaching

 TOWA Mandarin Center is dedicated to creating a Mandarin immersion environment by encouraging Taiwanese teachers to embrace the "Direct Method" and "Task-based Instruction." The "Direct Method" facilitates rapid improvement in Mandarin listening and speaking skills, eliminating the need to rely on the students' mother tongue. On the other hand, the "Task-based Instruction" approach empowers students to apply what they learn in real-life situations by immersing them in various scenarios during classes.

 Furthermore, the teacher team at TOWA Mandarin Center firmly believes that "teaching Mandarin requires more than just understanding Mandarin." The teachers help students comprehend the lessons in a simple and easily understandable manner. "Digital teaching" is one of the main features at TOWA, where teachers utilize digital tools to assist students in their learning journey.

 The diverse teaching methods at TOWA not only make learning more enjoyable and spark students' interest but also provide opportunities for them to learn through play.