Regular Full-term Programs


 The Regular Full-term Mandarin Programs commence on the first week of March, June, September, and December each year, corresponding to the Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter terms. Similar to the "Short-term Regular Program," they are divided into levels: Introductory, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, and Upper Intermediate. The total duration for each term is 150 hours, aiming to achieve a more systematic and structured learning experience, with ample time for practice.

 In addition to grammar instruction, each term includes "Thematic Conversation Classes" to provide students with opportunities for oral practice. This ensures that students not only absorb knowledge but also express themselves fluently in Chinese. Trained native Chinese teachers will help to precisely correct pronunciation, helping students achieve more standardized pronunciation and authentic language usage.

 Moreover, students can access review videos and grammar tutorials, enabling them to review class content at home. Teachers leverage various digital teaching tools and online resources, allowing students to learn how to use digital tools and experience a teaching style different from traditional methods, making learning easy and pressure-free.

▲ We use digital teaching materials and electronic whiteboards in our classes to employ a more lively and diverse approach, helping students memorize vocabulary and grasp concepts of Chinese grammar.

Course Features

◆ Fixed class schedules for easy course integration
◆ 15 hours of classes per week for effective and rapid learning outcomes
◆ Thematic conversation classes offered each term for practical application of learned content
◆ Access to class videos for review

◆ Access to grammar videos for authentic language usage
◆ Utilization of digital tools and learning resources
◆ Online assignment submission, enabling teachers to monitor students' learning progress
◆ Professional Taiwanese teachers to ensure authentic pronunciation, fluent speech, and language usage


Teaching Materials

" A Course in Contemporary Chinese " series

This series of textbooks is specifically designed for foreigners learning Mandarin. It is currently the most widely used teaching material among Mandarin centers at various universities in Taiwan.
Volumes 1 to 3 focus mainly on oral training, while volumes 4 to 6 are oriented to written training.