Regular Short-term Programs


    The Regular Short-term Program is divided into five levels based on different proficiency levels: Introductory, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, and Upper Intermediate. Classes meet once or twice a week, and each short-term program lasts for 50 hours. In the Introductory and Elementary stages, to alleviate pressure on students, we split the program into two manageable halves, each consisting of 25 hours. This allows students to comfortably complete the program in approximately one and a half months.

 In addition to covering grammar, we place significant emphasis on students' listening and speaking abilities. Teachers in TOWA guide discussions on different topics set for each lesson, enabling students to express their opinions effortlessly. Precise correction of pronunciation and word usage is integrated into the process, helping students speak more authentically and naturally in Mandarin.

Course Features

◆ Options available for both Simplified and Traditional characters
◆ Access to class videos for review purposes
◆ Grammar videos
◆ Utilization of digital teaching and learning resources
◆ Online project submission, enabling teachers to monitor students' learning progress
◆ Focused on improving listening and speaking skills, with pronunciation correction by Taiwanese teachers to ensure accurate and fluent speech
◆ Courses designed based on the seven levels of Chinese language proficiency across five skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating
Emphasis on developing speaking abilities through themed conversation courses to facilitate practical application of language skills in real-life conversations


Teaching Materials

" A Course in Contemporary Chinese " series

 This series of textbooks is specifically designed for foreigners learning Mandarin. It is currently the most widely used teaching material among Mandarin centers at various universities in Taiwan.
   Volumes 1 to 3 focus mainly on oral training, while volumes 4 to 6 are oriented to written training.