Online Programs


 TOWA provides with online Mandarin programs as well! No matter where you are, you can learn Mandarin with TOWA’s experienced teachers in your own country. Currently, the available online courses include short-term group classes and individual classes. Students can choose courses that meet their needs and proficiency levels. Furthermore, if you are planning to study at universities or graduate schools in Taiwan, this online program will help to establish basic Chinese proficiency through before coming to Taiwan. You can even get prepared to meet the Chinese language proficiency requirements set by various schools in Taiwan.

 TOWA still prioritizes listening and speaking practice in the online environment. To ensure fluent speech in Mandarin, Taiwanese teachers provides real-time pronunciation corrections during classes. Whether you plan to live, study, or work in Taiwan, you will be able to master standard Chinese for seamless communication. What's more, in online courses, teachers utilize various digital teaching tools to help students learn Mandarin in a relaxed and lively manner, making online learning easy and enjoyable.


Course Features

◆ Prepare students to pass Mandarin proficiency tests before they come to study in Taiwan
◆ Enable students to achieve a certain level of Mandarin proficiency before arriving in Taiwan, ensuring a seamless transition
◆ Highly interactive: Digital learning allows teachers to share class notes with students after classes, allowing students to focus solely on the lecture



Teaching Materials

" A Course in Contemporary Chinese " series

This series of textbooks is specifically designed for foreigners learning Mandarin. It is currently the most widely used teaching material among Mandarin centers at various universities in Taiwan.
Volumes 1 to 3 focus mainly on oral training, while volumes 4 to 6 are oriented to written training.