Individual Programs


 Our individual programs begin with a discussion between the teacher and the student regarding learning objectives and the course content. In individual programs, the course contents\, the class schedules are all tailored to meet individual’s needs. Additionally, both simplified and traditional Chinese are available according to preferences. Since it's a one-on-one class, the teacher can promptly understand the student's learning situation, intensify focus on challenging areas, and adjust the course progress and content based on the student's performance.

 This personalized approach allows for effective and rapid improvement in learning outcomes within a short period. In addition to one-on-one classes, for those who want to learn together with family or friends, customized courses can be conducted with a group of 2-3 people. Learning together and motivating each other makes the learning experience more enjoyable and dynamic!

 Furthermore, before the end of each term, the teachers will evaluate individual’s learning progress, provide a learning assessment, and offer suggestions for further study. This allows students to keep track of their progress and plan for future learning directions.

Course Features

◆ Flexible scheduling to accommodate individual preferences
◆ Customized courses tailored to meet specific learning needs
◆ One-on-one teaching to enhance learning effectiveness
◆ Course content adjusted to align with each student's learning progress
◆ Pronunciation correction by Taiwanese teachers to ensure precise and fluent speech
◆ Provision of learning metrics and assessments by teachers, enabling students to monitor their own progress
◆ Pre-course meetings with teachers to establish goals and course direction