TOWA Mandarin Center

 Discover the vibrant TOWA Mandarin Center, revolutionizing Mandarin learning since 2019. Founded by a dynamic team of Taiwanese educators, we prioritize practical usage over tedious grammar explanations. Our mission is clear: to empower you not just to learn Mandarin, but to speak it fluently, use it confidently, and express ideas effortlessly in everyday situations. At TOWA, we've crafted a unique learning environment, blending relaxation with high efficiency. Every lesson is a thrilling step toward mastery and cultural fluency.

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Compelling Reasons to Embrace Mandarin Learning in Taiwan



Safe Haven of Freedom

Taiwan ranks the third safest place globally, offering an ideal environment for living and learning with unparalleled safety.


Luxe Living Convenience

With the world's second-highest density of convenience stores and extensive public transportation, Taiwan ensures seamless living amenities for an enriched experience.



Taiwan's globally top-ranked healthcare system provides comprehensive coverage for eligible foreigners, ensuring your well-being while pursuing Mandarin studies.


Cultural Charm in Characters

Immerse yourself in Chinese culture through traditional characters in Taiwan! You’ll explore ancient principles of formation characters and the beauty of them in Taiwan—a unique linguistic and cultural journey awaits.



principles that drive our commitment to your Mandarin mastery



Native Expertise

 Master authentic pronunciation and language nuances from native Taiwanese instructors. Engage in lively discussions to gain unique insights into the local mindset and perspectives.


Total Immersion

 Dive into a fully Chinese environment, refining your ability to think in Chinese independently. Utilize visual aids, body language, and diverse teaching methods for a comprehensive understanding and linguistic mastery.


Task-based Teaching

 Navigate Taiwan's scenarios with task-based teaching, applying learned vocabulary and structures. Enhance your Mandarin fluency by tackling everyday situations, fostering adaptable language use for practical communication.


Tech-Savvy Learning

 Embrace digital tools, multimedia, and online resources, cultivating a swift grasp of new technologies. Our focus on digital learning enhances your ability to navigate and leverage various tools effectively.


5 Joyful Interaction

 Experience Mandarin in a lively atmosphere where teachers excel at guiding discussions, correcting intonation, and refining expressions. Boost your confidence through continuous practice in an interactive and enjoyable environment.


Cultural Immersion

 Immerse yourself in Taiwanese culture with hands-on experiences like making tangyuan, practicing calligraphy, and exploring traditional puppetry. Gain profound insights into Taiwanese cultural nuances while enjoying a vibrant Mandarin learning.

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