1. Embracing traditional characters that preserve the beauty of Chinese culture

 In Taiwan, traditional Chinese characters are widely used. These characters follow established formation principles, allowing students to comprehend their meanings and appreciate their beauty. Furthermore, Taiwan is a country that embraces diverse ethnicities, providing students with an opportunity to experience not only traditional Taiwanese customs but also Hakka, Min, and indigenous cultures.

2. A bastion of safety, freedom, and democracy

 Taiwan is renowned for its commitment to freedom, democracy, and safety. It ranks second among Asian countries in terms of freedom and is recognized as the third best place to live. These acknowledgments highlight Taiwan as an ideal destination for living and learning.

3. Welcoming and convenient living environment

 Taiwanese people are known for their friendliness and hospitality. They are generous and always willing to assist foreign visitors. Moreover, Taiwan has the second-highest convenience store density in the world, ensuring convenient access to daily needs.

Furthermore, Taiwan's public transportation system, including buses, MRT, trains, and high-speed railway, is easily accessible, making it a comfortable place for foreigners to live.

4. Comprehensive medical system

 Foreigners working or studying in Taiwan who are eligible for the National Health Insurance Program have access to the same benefits as Taiwanese citizens. In the event of a medical need, Taiwan offers a comprehensive healthcare system that provides complete assistance in terms of language support and treatment, even for those without health insurance.