1. All classes delivered by professional Taiwanese teachers

 All teachers at TOWA have successfully passed the Certification Examination for Proficiency in Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language.

 The teacher team at TOWA Mandarin Center firmly believes that "teaching Mandarin requires more than just understanding Mandarin." In addition to correcting students' pronunciation and grammar usage, we place great emphasis on teachers' capacity to address students' specific language difficulties in a clear and easily understandable manner. To ensure continuous professional development, TOWA provides comprehensive training programs for all teachers and regularly organizes teacher training meetings to foster the exchange of ideas.

 Moreover, many teachers at TOWA possess proficiency in speaking Japanese or other foreign languages. This ability enables them to understand students' inquiries and makes Mandarin learning at TOWA pressure-free.

 At TOWA, digital teaching is a fundamental skill that allows our teachers to deliver innovative, enjoyable, and effective Mandarin lessons to all students.

2. Teaching with the "Direct Method"

Three main advantages of the Direct Method:
1. Facilitating effective improvement of students' listening skills through a Mandarin immersion environment
2. Engaging students in conversations with teachers using learned sentence patterns to rapidly develop their speaking skills
3. Assisting students in understanding grammar rules and meanings through scenario-based settings or visual aids, reducing reliance on their mother tongues and enhancing the effectiveness of learning

 All Mandarin classes at TOWA are conducted in Mandarin by Taiwanese teachers, with the goal of creating a Mandarin immersion environment. Our teachers have received professional training and are skilled at helping students comprehend and become familiar with Mandarin in an enjoyable and engaging manner, even when teaching solely in Mandarin.

3. Digital materials accessible for review anywhere, anytime

 To enable students to learn at their convenience, TOWA provides an extensive range of digital materials, including online vocabulary lists and lecture videos. Our Mandarin teaching videos, developed collaboratively by the TOWA teacher team, present grammar rules and sentence patterns in real-life scenarios. Students can utilize their free time to watch these engaging and informative video clips on their phones, reinforcing what they have learned and applying it to their daily lives.

 Additionally, multimedia tools are integrated into the teaching and learning process. With the use of electronic whiteboards, teachers can deliver lessons and convert the content into digital documents to share with students immediately after class. This eliminates the need for extensive note-taking and allows students to focus more on the lectures, thus enhancing the effectiveness of their learning.

 Most importantly, all Mandarin classes at TOWA are conducted by certified online teaching professionals who excel in utilizing a wide array of online tools, interactive activities, and conversational exercises. Even when attending classes from the comfort of their own homes, students will experience a classroom-like learning environment.

4. Applying learning in daily lives

 At TOWA, we strive for students to effectively apply what they have learned in the classroom to their daily lives. To facilitate this, we have designed a wide range of classroom activities that provide abundant opportunities for practice. Additionally, our teachers assign various tasks and utilize real-life scenarios to guide students in understanding when and where to apply specific grammar rules. Through the implementation of the "Task-based Instruction" approach, students enhance their ability to use Mandarin by engaging in diverse exercise activities and effectively applying their language skills in everyday situations.

5. Developing 4 skills and 3 essential strengths

 At TOWA, we go beyond the four core language skills of "listening, speaking, reading, and writing." We also place a strong emphasis on developing students' three essential strengths: "utilization of digital tools, cultural understanding, and language communication." By incorporating these strengths into our curriculum, we not only keep up with the latest trends in language learning but also ensure immediate effectiveness in the learning process.

 The fundamental four skills mainly involve one-way input or output, while the three essential strengths promoted at TOWA allow for a broader range of application. Firstly, in this digital era, writing Chinese characters beautifully is no longer the primary goal for most students. Therefore, the "utilization of digital tools" empowers students to learn through digital tools and equips them to proficiently use Mandarin on digital devices as well as in hand-written form.

 Secondly, "cultural understanding" helps bridge cultural differences, enabling students to better comprehend the culture mentioned in textbooks and experienced in their daily lives. Through this, they can further appreciate the unique charm of Chinese culture.

 Lastly, "language communication" aims to empower students to confidently use what they have learned in their textbooks in real-life scenarios and engage in interactions with Taiwanese people. This gives them a sense of accomplishment in communicating fluently in Mandarin.

 TOWA's vision is to equip all students with comprehensive language abilities. We continually tailor the students' learning experience to suit their individual needs and performance, fostering greater confidence in applying what they have learned into practice.

6. Online courses before arriving in Taiwan

 TOWA offers online Mandarin courses designed to help students settle in seamlessly upon their arrival in Taiwan.

 In addition to regular Mandarin classes, we provide a diverse range of tailored courses that equip students with practical language skills for immediate use, including airport Mandarin and essential phrases for their first day in Taiwan.

 These online courses aim to not only develop students' Mandarin proficiency while living in Taiwan but also to introduce them to Taiwanese culture. By familiarizing themselves with Taiwan in advance, students can gain a deeper understanding of the country and smoothly adapt to the new environment.

7. Assistance in living and studying

○ Living assistance
 When studying at TOWA, if students encounter any difficulties in their learning or living in Taiwan, they are encouraged to approach our receptionists who are fluent in English, Japanese, or Korean. Through this service, we aim to create a welcoming environment where students feel at ease, as if they were studying in their home country.
○ Studying assistance
 For students planning to study in Taiwan, TOWA offers assistance in preparing application materials, relevant documents, and more.