How do I get to TOWA Mandarin Center from Taoyuan Airport?

① Bus:

Take bus number 1623 from Taoyuan Airport, get off at "National Museum of Natural Science" in Taichung, and walk approximately 10-15 minutes to TOWA.
所需時間約為2.5小時 / 費用約300

② High-Speed Rail:

Take the airport MRT to "Taoyuan HSR Station," then take the HSR to "Taichung HSR Station." Transfer to a bus or taxi to TOWA.
所需時間約為1.5小時 / 費用約540

① 客運:

從桃園機場搭乘1623號客運, 於台中「朝馬客運站」站下車。
所需時間約為2.5小時 / 費用約300

② 高鐵:

從桃園機場搭乘機場捷運至「桃園高鐵站」後, 再搭乘高鐵前往「高鐵台中站」。
所需時間約為1.5小時 / 費用約540