2024 Summer Intensive Course

May 02, 2024

Summer Intensive Mandarin Classes Now Available!🏃

Looking to make the most of your summer by learning Mandarin?
With just 2 hours a day, you can complete our beginner Mandarin course in just one month,

making it easy for you to start speaking Chinese confidently!
This course offers both online and in-person classes, so you can choose the learning method that suits you best when you sign up.
It's so convenient!

Join us now and save more by signing up early!



Course Information

1. Course Duration: 30 hours

2. Campus: Online or Gong-Yi Campus

3. Course Materials: Towa's custom materials, Contemporary Chinese Course 1-1

4. Course Progress: Hanyu Pinyin ~ Lesson Three

5. Students number: minimum 5 students

6. Course Fee: NT$7,500

    Early Bird Discount: NT$7,000

    First Five Registrations each Class:  NT$ 6,500


Course Schedule

  Class Course Period Early bird discount until Course time
July Class A 7/1~8/2 6/16 Monday, Wednesday, Friday     9:30-11:30
Class B 7/8~7/26 6/23 Monday~Friday                       9:30-11:30
August Class C 7/29~8/30 7/13 Monday, Wednesday, Friday     9:30-11:30
Class D 8/5~8/23 7/20 Monday~Friday                       9:30-11:30
※ Important Notes ※
  • Each class at our center lasts for 50 minutes.
  • The prices listed above do not include the cost of course materials.
  • In the event that in-person classroom courses are affected by force majeure factors, they will be adjusted to online classes.
  • If the number of students in each class does not meet the minimum requirement, the school reserves the right to adjust the start date of the course.
  • TOWA reserves the right to assign teachers, adjust course start dates, or terminate classes.
  • The implementation of various offers is subject to the final interpretation by TOWA.
  • The viewing period for course videos is within one month after the end of the course period.


Self-Introduction & Making New Friends
Able to introduce oneself briefly, including nationality, interests, etc.
Basic Shopping Skills
Learn basic vocabulary and sentence patterns used when shopping.

Simple Conversations
Able to engage in simple conversations using basic Chinese sentence patterns and vocabulary.

Course Features

Hybrid Teaching
Experience learning at home as if you were in the classroom!
Choose between online or in-person classes when signing up.
(After choose, cannot change)
Small Class Sizes
Classes with 5 students.
Enjoy learning
with ease and joy.

Video Reviews after Class
Course videos provided after each class.
Unlimited access for review.
(The viewing period for course videos is within one month after the end of the course period.)

Special Offers

【Offer 1】
Early Bird Discount

Great discounts for early birds

Sign up during the early bird discount period in each class and enjoy the discounted price of NT$7,000!

【Offer 2】
First Five Registrations per Class

Extra discounts!

The first five students to register for each class can enjoy an additional discount of NT$500!


How to Register?